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About Clay Active

Clay Active is a sports brand start-up originated in Camden, NSW, founded by Daniel Ingram in 2019 - beginning with Clay Active sport socks.

We want to create sportswear that is built for athletic performance but stylish enough to wear fashionably in everyday life. We want you to look cool while you train.

Clay Active is inspired by our philosophy of shape yourself - shape yourself like Clay. Everyone is a sculptor and can shape their body, their personality and their life. Shape yourself and you can achieve anything.

Clay Active hopes to inspire people to chase their dreams and continuously improve themselves until they can realise their goals. 

We especially hope to inspire kids to live an active, healthy lifestyle. While only a recent start-up, our dream is to work closely with young boys and girls to help them build fantastic lives, with a foundation of healthy eating, exercise, ambition and confidence. 

Our vision is for kids to wear our socks, our shoes or tee-shirts and feel great, have fun, look cool and be active.

And it all starts with our humble sport socks.